Great PR On a Shoestring Budget

Great PR On a Shoestring Budget


In this special program we bring together three experts in the art of “story telling” which is the most important component of a press (and marketing) campaign.


Public relations is the art of telling a story about the artist or his music or project that interests people enough to either remember it, learn more and buy now! Without the human interest element – the artist’s “story” – conveying a message that people will remember and act on – is almost impossible.

Record & Music Publishing Executives
Producers, Artists, Artist Managers and Artist Reps
Music Attorneys, Concert Industry Professionals
Brand Marketing & Creative Executives
Accountants, Business Managers & CPAs

  • How to develop the story: who is the artist? What sets him apart?
  • How to tell the story
  • Who to tell: the artist’s target market
  • Variations of the story for press, radio, TV, touring, fans

Also to be discussed, important public relations tools:

  • The press release: learn what makes it compelling)
  • Photos: great non-cliche pictures dramatically increase chances for coverage
  • Marketing plan; the artist’s road map
  • Fact-Sheet: basic facts all on one page
  • Web site: how to get people there and keep them engaged
  • Mailing list: how to build it
  • Budget: how to do a lot with a little
  • Ami Blackwell, Founder, Spindrift Media & Entertainment
  • Nancy Byron, OGPR Marketing & Public Relations, Inc.
  • Madalyn Sklar, President, Networks For Musicians
  • Barry Coffing, NARIP Houston Executive Director (moderator)

PROGRAM DATE: October 20, 2011
PROGRAM TIME: 2 hours, 04 minutes, 24 seconds (2:04:24)


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Go Girls Music

Nancy Byron

Spindrrift Media

Ami Blackwell, Founder, Spindrift Media & Entertainment

Ami Blackwell founded boutique PR agency SpinDrift Media & Entertainment in 2001 by writing bios and marketing materials to help promote local musicians, authors and hospitality clients in the Houston/Gulf Coast area. As a media professional, Blackwell earned an MBA in Media Management at Metropolitan College of New York while working for Planned Television Arts and Nielsen/IAG. As a publicist in Nashville, Tenn., she was employed and mentored by Kathi Atwood of Music City News Media. During her tenure, she assisted in providing publicity services for clients such as Chris Cagle, Chely Wright, Mark Chesnutt, Tracy Lawrence, Aaron Tippin, Rhonda Towns and Eric Durrance. Current SDME clients include Inspirational radio show “Plenty More Love with Rhonda Towns,” Americana artist Grady Skelton, Hendrix Music Agency, newcomer Nicole Kacey (Red Set Records), Texas Music Media, Inc., actor/singer-songwriter Larry Bagby and Social Mediologist, Jessica Northey. Previous projects include booking a satellite radio tour for Oliver North, who was debuting his first novel “Mission Comprised,” and promoting the novel “Proof of Atlantis: Records from The Past,” by local author Charles Harris.

Nancy Byron, OGPR Marketing & Public Relations, Inc.

Nancy Byron moved to the US in the early 80s, landing accidentally in the entertainment field with a 3-year stint in New Line Cinema’s marketing department. It was there that she fell in love with Public Relations. Her friendship with then-President of Marketing, Chris Pula, who subsequently took the same title at Warner Bros. Feature Films, enabled Nancy to begin her career in PR at the studio, where she worked from ’97 to ’04, contributing to the campaign of many WB film titles. After almost eight years and upon the graduation of her youngest child, Nancy decided to try something new and hung out the shingle of OGPR Marketing & Public Relations, Inc., moving the operation to Houston, Texas in ’06. In her seven+ years as an independent publicist, Nancy has contributed to the campaigns of majors and indies alike, with names such as Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Trae Tha Truth, Killer Mike, Slim Thug, Crooked I and others. Nancy takes pride in her work and endeavors to maintain the most harmonious client and media relations in every situation.

Madalyn Sklar, President, Networks For Musicians

Madalyn is a perennial entrepreneur with a knack for developing and running her own companies. She is a social networks expert, music business coach & consultant, blogger and author. She works with a wide range of businesses as well as independent musicians, helping them focus on advancing their grasp on social networks. Her motto is work smarter, not harder. Sklar is also the founder of, the oldest & largest online community supporting women in music. Since 1996 her mission has been to promote, support and empower its members through showcases and networking events around the country. Also in 1996 she started her own web development firm, Orbit Web Design, and became well known for her vast Internet marketing experience. She has spoken on numerous music business panels, especially on the subject of Internet marketing, promotion and social networks. She was named one of 10 Powerful Women in Music by Curve magazine and was named one of the 15 People You Should Know In the Biz by

Barry Coffing, NARIP Houston Executive Director, Founder and Uprising Entertainment

Mr. Coffing is CEO and Founder of and Uprising Entertainment. A 20-year industry veteran who has toured the world and has major credits to his name, Barry is an Emmy-nominated composer and was signed to Warner Bros. Records in the 1990s. He has toured extensively to support his hit songs that have charted around the world, including the #1 “I’ll Come Back To You.” He won Best Producer of the year at the Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2003, and has written and produced over 200 songs in film and TV including #1 hits and gold-selling soundtracks. He has worked with almost every major film company and television network. His knowledge of both sides of the licensing equation led him to create which has been used to find music for projects including Dexter, Ugly Betty, Burn Notice, Blonde Ambition, Lost, Love Kill, License to Wed, Swing Vote, Real Girl, Assassination of a High School President, Sexual Healing, Invincible, The Unit, Direct Contact and others. Barry has lectured on the music business at USC, Vanderbilt and The University of Houston. With his professional relationships, especially at major film companies and TV networks on both coasts, and a strong background in the business as an executive and successful composer / artist, Mr. Coffing is uniquely positioned to help NARIP members identify opportunities in film and television, and to create and sustain long-term careers in the music business today.

Program music courtesy of Sparks & Silhouettes


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