Music In Games: Hood, McDaniel, Nieva, Rajna in LA

Music In Games: Hood, McDaniel, Nieva, Rajna in LA


Music placement opportunities in video games have skyrocketed. At this NARIP program, we brought in top experts to discuss this important and fast-growing sector of the business.


Topics included marketing music for video games, how make it more attractive to buyers, where to find them and how to put yourself in line for the best possible deal.

You will enjoy this special session with Activision Blizzard’s Senior Music Supervisor Scott McDaniel, Blind Squirrel Game’s Chief Creative Officer Chris Hood, WaveGroup / Engine House Music A&R / Artist Relations Manager Kim Nieva and Konami Director of Licensing Michael Rajna.

Artist Managers, Producers & Artist Reps
A&R, Artist Development and Marketing Executives
Record, Distribution & Music Publishing Executives
Music & Entertainment Attorneys
Anyone seeking placement opportunities in games.

  • Types of music deals in gaming
  • Major areas of negotiation in music-game deals
  • Making the pitch: necessary elements
  • What gaming companies really look for
  • How to increase the impact and marketability of music for games
  • Leading players in the mobile and video game sectors
  • Marketplace Trends

Chris Hood, Chief Creative Officer, Blind Squirrel Games
Scott McDaniel, Activision Blizzard, Senior Music Supervisor
Kim Nieva, A&R / Artist Relations, WaveGroup / Engine House Music
Michael Rajna, Director of Licensing, Konami

PROGRAM DATE:January 20, 2011
PROGRAM TIME: 2 hours, 02 minutes, 03 seconds (2:02:03)
HANDOUT: (14 pages total):

  • Music In Games Important Deal Points
  • Contemporary Structure of the Computer & Video Game Industry
  • Video Games from The Future of the Music Business by Steve Gordon, Esq.
  • Other NARIP Programs of Interest
  • Executive Profiles

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Activision Blizzard
BooHag Studios LLC
Engine House Music
Wave Group

Chris Hood, Chief Creative Officer, Blind Squirrel Games

Chris Hood, Chief Creative Officer founded Blind Squirrel Games in 2010 and
brings with him 22 years of experience in the video game, movie and music
industries. Chris has worked with dozens of top entertainment brands in the
areas of game design, digital media and social marketing including numerous
AAA MMO titles as well as casual arcade and social games.

In 2009, Mr. Hood became the Board Chair for the Orange County Chapter of
the IGDA (International Game Developers Association). In addition through
his leadership and ties with the game industry in Southern California, Chris
successfully launched the IGDA Los Angeles and San Diego Chapters in 2010.
In Hollywood, Mr. Hood also sits on the New Media Council for the Academy of
Television Arts & Sciences. Prior to Blind Squirrel Games, Hood founded BooHag Studios with the
philosophy of changing the way consumers interact through video games. Chris
applied these same concepts previously as the VP of Product and Marketing
for Ruckus Network, Inc. a college oriented startup that digitally
distributed video games, music and movies. Between 2004 – 2008 Hood’s
leadership positioned the company for the successful acquisition by
Universal Music Group and Sony Entertainment. Mr. Hood’s background includes
the design and product development for numerous entertainment properties at
Universal Pictures, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Warner Bros.,, Fox
Media, Doritos and the Reebok. Previously Mr. Hood founded Digireel, Inc. and invented a new form of
digital entertainment and social media for movie theatres in the US. The
patented technology replaced the slide based format with digital advertising
and video game pre-shows supplying theatre patrons with an interactive
entertainment experience. The Digireel technology was acquired by National
Cinema Network in 2002 and can still be seen at theatres nationwide. In 1997 Mr. Hood began working with the MMO / MMORPG genre by developing a
consulting service to help studios better engage with their consumers and
improve the overall design process of MMOGs. Through 2002, Chris worked on
Ultima Online, Everquest, Asheron’s Call, Shadowbane and Anarchy Online. In
1998 Hood worked for Electronic Arts and the Ultima Online team to design
new relationship systems and tracking mechanisms for the sales of virtual
goods. Mr. Hood has held various positions as VP and Chief Marketing Officer,
Director of Technology, VP of Product Development and General Manager of
Sales. Chris entered the gaming industry as a retail sales manager in 1988.

Scott McDaniel, Activision Blizzard, Senior Music Supervisor

Scott McDaniel has helped the talented Activision Music Dept pioneer much to do with music and gaming as Senior Music Supervisor for the past 4 years. Aggressively seeking opportunities to expand Activision’s alliances with artists, managers, record labels, music publishers, talent agencies and composers within leading and new videogame franchises such as Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Tony Hawk, True Crime, Spider-Man and James Bond – whether it’s identifying and licensing music, placing music personalities into games, having original songs created and recorded, compiling and releasing soundtracks or booking talent for appearances, press and live performances. Scott has worked on a variety of projects of all budget sizes to deliver high quality, award winning soundtracks as well as drive collaborations with some of the music industry’s biggest artists such as Metallica, Daft Punk, Taylor Swift, Soundgarden, Aerosmith, Deadmau5, RZA, Pharrell Williams, Sex Pistols and many more. As both the music and videogame industries progress and evolve, Scott is poised to continue to break new ground and further bridge the connectivity between music, gaming, branding and entertainment.

Kim Nieva, A&R / Artist Relations, WaveGroup / Engine House Music

Kim Nieva experience ranges from music supervision and artist development to record label management. Her involvements in music production include such published titles as MTV’s Rock Band, Rock Band Network, the Guitar Hero series, Karaoke Revolution, Dance Dance Revolution and others. As the label manager for WaveGroup Recordings, and Creative Manager of other publishing and music catalog firms, she has negotiated music placement in film, home entertainment, and television (including hit shows like HBO’s Entourage, USA’s Royal Pains, Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, and Harper’s Island on CBS). In the film and TV community, she has established a large network of music supervisors, publishers, labels, third-party pitching houses and production companies. Enterprises in artist development, sync licensing, and publishing representation include such artists as Collective Soul, Bruce Hornsby, 1969 Featuring Butch Walker, Shaimus and Oh Darling. Kim also manages acoustic–alternative band Southern from Belfast, Ireland.

Michael Rajna, Director of Licensing, Konami

Michael Rajna is the Director of Licensing at KONAMI, a leading developer, publisher and manufacturer of electronic entertainment properties for more than 40 years. Michael has been synonymous with KONAMI’s music videogames since joining the company six years ago, licensing hundreds of songs for games such as DanceDanceRevolution, Karaoke Revolution, Walk It Out!, Pop N’ Rhythm and the arcade version of Guitar Hero. His leadership and connections with some of the best known names in entertainment, such as FOX and Lionsgate, have helped generate partnerships and incorporate intellectual property into gaming titles including Glee, Saw, American Idol and Twilight.
Before coming to KONAMI, Michael spent 10 years working in the music licensing industry with Warner Bros. Records. In that time, Michael worked with a wide variety of high profile musicians from Madonna to Frank Sinatra. Michael received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Program music courtesy of The G-Man (Golosio Music Publishing, BMI)


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