Audio Recording of NARIP Webinar: A Comparison of Music Placement Platforms & Services

Audio Recording of NARIP Webinar: A Comparison of Music Placement Platforms & Services


Music placement is fiercely competitive. For those who use third parties or licensing platforms, which services are best? What are the terms? Who pays more? How do they work? What’s the difference? 



Music publisher, music supervisor, A&R executive and music creator Charlie Mac of Mac A Million Dollar Man Musick speaks from his direct and ongoing experience with dozens of music placement companies, third party licensing reps, music libraries and platforms.

In this NARIP Webinar, he details the pros and the cons of many of these services, and how his company has generated revenue and thousands of placements across multiple platforms in the U.S. and around the world. Get the facts from Charlie who has hundreds of placements including his clients’ music and his own in dozens of projects across multiple platforms, enabling him to share an overview and analysis in this special NARIP program.

  • Artist Managers, Producers & Artist Reps
  • A&R, Artist Development and Marketing Executives
  • Record, Distribution & Music Publishing Executives
  • Music & Entertainment Attorneys
  • Anyone seeking to maximize music placements, time and revenue.

  • Genres of music that work best and pay the most on various platforms
  • How the services & platforms work
  • How they pay
  • How to collect
  • Effective administration
  • Making a living and putting it all together

PROGRAM DATE: August 5, 2014
PROGRAM TIME: 1 hour, 40 minutes, 55 seconds (1:40:55)
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MP3 + Document Bundle Includes 26-page PDF. PDF includes:


  • How do I license my music?
  • How much money can I make licensing music?
  • How long does it take to start seeing royalties?
  • Who pays my royalties?
  • What is a PRO?
  • Who is better, ASCAP, BMI or SESAC?
  • Do I need to copyright my material?
  • Publishing deal vs. record deal: what’s the
  • Non-exclusive vs. exclusive
  • Original tracks vs. sampling



Charlie Mac
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Charlie Mac, CEO, Music Supervisor, A&R
Mac A Million Dollar Man Musick

Charlie Mac is an entrepreneur, music publisher, music supervisor, music producer, composer, songwriter, recording engineer, public speaker, consultant, author and A&R executive with 15+ years experience in the music business. His last major film as a music supervisor was executive produced by Spike Lee (Lionsgate’s “You’re Nobody Til Somebody Kills You”).

He is CEO of Mac A Million Dollar Man Musick, Senior VP of A&R for Makaveli Music Group, and music supervisor for Black Noise Media. He has had made multiple music placements on and with brands such as MTV, Epic Records, VH1, Gunit, Shady, Aftermath, Bio, Atlantic, 40 Acres, Cash Money, DTP, Def Jam, Nbc, Warner Bros. Records, CMT, Elektra Records, Asylum Records, Interscope Records, Discovery, Luke, NBA, Geffen Records, Google, Jive, Muzak, TLC, Konvict, Rocnation, Time, Nike, Violator, Mercury Records, Viacom and others.

Charlie Mac’s music and that of his clients has been featured in hundreds of productions and shows which have aired thousands of times nationally and internationally, in commercials, games, trailers and in other media.

As an independent A&R, Charlie provides critiques and artist development to help artists become commercially successful in today’s music business. He teaches that taking a proactive stance for their art the first step to push their careers to the next level, offering hands-on, cost-effective, creative marketing methods, which result in generating royalties from their recorded material. Through a music licensing service provided on the Web site, major, independent, and unsigned artists of any genre can submit music for licensing and placement opportunities.

Charlie Mac founded publishing company Mac A Million Dollar Man Musick in 2004 and has consistently identified songs that have become successful in music licensing. He has placed music behind such stars as Kimora Lee Simmons, 50 Cent, Katy Perry, Ludacris, T-Pain, Q-Tip, Common, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Redman, BOW WOW, Flo Rida, Mike Jones, Brooke Hogan, Tony Danza, Cam’ron, Tom Arnold, Rick Ross, Tim Westwood, The Cool Kids, Ashley Tisdale, Fat Joe, Michael Gudinski, Gene Simmons, Dr. Drew, Niecy Nash, Mos Def, Eddie Griffin, Mack 10, Steven Seagal, Donald Faison, Joe Zee, Kim Kardshian, Trey Songz, Robert De Niro, Eminem, John Goodman, XZIBIT and others.

Mac A Million Dollar Man Musick has secured significant placements in global markets in over 50 countries including in the US, in Europe and around the world.

Tess Taylor, President
National Association of Record Industry Professionals (program moderator)

Tess Taylor is president of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (, the biggest music business network in the world. She is creator of NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions which have yielded over 100 music placements for participants and sold out in LA, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Paris and London. She is also President of the LA Music Network ( and helped launch the Mowglis who won the 2011 LAMN Jam Music Contest. They were signed to a management deal, then signed with Universal / Photo Finish Records. They’ve been featured on prime time network TV and now get radio airplay on primary stations across the US. One of the nation’s leading authorities on careers in the music and record industries, Ms. Taylor has been called The Job Whisperer and has connected countless people to jobs and opportunities through her work in the US and abroad, cultivated collaborations for over two decades, helped launch hundreds of projects and several companies. Called a “super-connector” and dubbed “International Music Ambassador” by Neophonic music supervisor P.J. Bloom (Glee franchise, Nip/Tuck, CSI: Miami), Ms. Taylor works with international groups to connect their members to opportunities in LA and the U.S. She has consulted leading businesses such as InsideSessions (a joint venture between the Universal Music Group and Penguin Putnam), The Walt Disney Company, BMG Entertainment (formerly Sony BMG) and Concord Records. Deeply annoyed by people who think music should be free, Ms. Taylor is a vigorous defender of intellectual property rights and debated Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder John Perry Barlow on “free music” twice. She won both times. She lectures nationwide and around the world (in 12 countries to date), including at the Harvard Business School, in Berlin, Bangalore and beyond. From 1988 to 1993 she was employed at MCA Record, last serving as Associate Director of Marketing. A classically trained pianist, she studied music at the University of Vienna and is a Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Univeristy of Redlands’ Johnston College where she received her BA in music, German and literature. She loves traveling the world, nibbling dark chocolates and drinks lots of tea. She also loves fine fountain pens, Glenn Gould, Pete Townshend, crime novels and hiking with her English cocker spaniel Haribo. She encourages pet adoption.

In addition to running NARIP, Ms. Taylor provides private, fee-based consulting services for companies and people who want more personalized attention.


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