Promote Your Music: How To Create A Publicity Explosion Online – Session #2

Promote Your Music: How To Create A Publicity Explosion Online – Session #2


Back for Part II of this dynamic and fast-moving teleseminar are publicity and Internet marketing expert Joan Stewart and media consultant Scott G. Learn dozens of exciting and low-cost (or no-cost) ways to get publicity for your songs, albums, gigs, appearances, and merchandise.



Due to overwhelming demand for NARIP?s first ?Promote Your Music? teleseminar, we scheduled a Part 2: ?How To Create A Publicity Explosion Online.? You often hear about huge sums of money that corporations spend to put their messages online, but there are hundreds of steps you can take to get media coverage, and many of them are free or cost you next to nothing. Find out how you can use social networking sites, blogging, business communication sites, and community-based online PR.

  • Artist Managers, Producers & Artist Reps
  • Record & Music Publishing Executives
  • Producers, Performing Rights Organizations
  • Anyone seeking to promote music they represent

  • 7 ways you can boost your presence on the Internet
  • How to use social networking to spread the word about your work and pull traffic to your Web site
  • Modern methods of content distribution to deliver messages virally
  • 13 sites that are looking for you to supply your work
  • Why you must blog, and why you?re losing fans and customers if you don?t
  • Why you must post comments at other blogs, and why you?re losing even more fans and customers if you don?t.
  • 14 places to post information about your work to get others talking about you
  • Often overlooked community-based sites to increase your online PR
  • How can be one of your most valuable publicity tools, even if you haven?t written a book or cut an album or CD
  • How to use your competitors for publicity over at
  • Retail sites that offer hidden publicity opportunities
  • Why you should be publishing a free electronic newsletter or music tip of the week?and how to turn this into a huge revenue stream

  • Joan Stewart,,also known as The Publicity Hound
  • Scott G,,owner of G-Man Music & Marketing

PROGRAM DATE: August 8, 2007
HANDOUT: 4-page PDF of Resources covered in the program is included with purchase of any configuration. Electronic transcript (29-page PDF doc) available for $10 extra with purchase of program (MP3 or CD)
PROGRAM TIME: 1 hour(1:00:00)
QUESTIONS? Call 818-769-7007 or contact NARIP

The Publicity Hound
The G-Man Music and Marketing

About The Speakers

Joan Stewart

Joan Stewart, also known as The Publicity Hound, is a former newspaper editor turned publicity expert and Internet marketer. She publishes the popular electronic newsletter, ?The Publicity Hound?s Tips of the Week,? which is read by more than 30,000 people worldwide.

Scott G (The G-Man)

Scott G, owner of G-Man Music & Marketing, is also recording artist The G-Man, with 6 albums of electronic and dance songs. He successfully markets his music around the globe and creates media campaigns for artists, organizations and corporations, from the American Cancer Society to Zenith.

Program music courtesy of Sparks & Silhouettes


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