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Raye, Pandy

Co-Founder, Chicks With Picks

Pandy Raye has never known a life without music. From an early age, she drew her inspiration from her parents.   After playing in bands, studio work and songwriting on the side, she moved from Kansas City to Arizona in 1999 and started meeting people in the music scene here. She feels it is essential to not only build relationships, but  o keep and  respect them. She believes that success is also about networking and connecting with other people who share your passion. Then find the venues/events that need what you have to offer and go from there. Along the way, never make promises you can’t keep and always strive to be better at what you do. “I have been extremely lucky to have found a business partner, who shares my work ethic and vision,” she says, referring to Rhonda Hitchcock, Co-Founder of Chicks with Picks. Together  they have booked almost 900 shows in 3 1/2 years and now have over 300 artists on the CWP roster! The key is having dedication, passion, believing in what you do, having the “right people” in your corner, working hard, and having great talent to back it all up. Together these Pandy and Rhonda are blazing a path for female singer/songwriters and musicians in Arizona.