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Review: How To Negotiate a Sponsorship & Endorsement Deal

Review by William Cloyd.

NARIP’s Sponsor Endorsement Deal Mock Negotiation with special guest Silver & Freedman’s Greg Weisman, Esq. brought real-time elite corporate deal-making and varied scenarios to the table.

Weisman was eloquent, intelligent and on top of his game, casually (not intentionally) name-dropping some of the A-list players in the biz (many of whom are clients) and how corporate America works in the retail industry with respect to celebrities and sponsorship endorsement deals.

The session was moderated by NARIP president Tess Taylor who, in her professional, “of the people, for the people” manner jumped in to fill the void left by of Jennifer Lyneis who was to represent an up and coming artist in this mock negotiation (Jennifer was unable to participate at the last minute). With her knowledge of the industry, Taylor channeled her inner artist (Trixie Delicious) and put forth salient questions that kept the session focused and vastly informative with Weisman’s breadth of knowledge and background, providing real insight. This was not a fluff-and-stuff session of retread information about the music business, but an on-point and up-to-the-minute encapsulation of sponsorship and opportunities within this area. Many, many thanks to Tess Taylor and her commitment to the music industry, and her faithful colleagues. Looking forward to more of these high quality events and high-caliber speakers that NARIP brings to us.


William Cloyd
Manager/Booking Agent/Promoter

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