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Samson, Will

Will Samson


House Engineer


Tierra Studios

Job Description:

-run recording sessions of varying styles/genres
-assist in recording sessions of varying styles/genres
-assist in mixing sessions of varying styles/genres
-set-up for recording sessions of varying styles/genres
-teardown previous sessions and clean studio
-assist in mic selection and placement
-build isolation areas for instruments
-serve as studio representative for mastering sessions
-assist and engineer numerous live recordings

Years in the record business:


Career Achievements:

Tumba Ka, tracking engineer, editing engineer, assistant engineer
CroCro, 2013 release, Tierra Records

Just In Time, engineer
Marcus Jordan, 2013 release, independent label

A Tribute to Phil Hooper, assistant engineer
John Wesley UMC , 2013 release

Can’t Start Soon Enough, assistant engineer
Sam Gowdy, 2013 release, Tierra Records

Everyday Ain’t Friday, recording engineer
Gary Weldon, 2013 release, Tierra Records

Witness an Empire’s Decay, digital transfers
Ken Jones, 2012 release, independent label

Calling All Angels, assistant engineer
Christ United Methodist Church Choir, 2012 release

Macaroni and Cheese, tuba, jaw harp, and engineer
Tom’s Fun Band, 2011 release

Professional Goals:

Teach the next group of up and coming audio engineers.

Mix and engineer to the best of my ability.

Never stop learning.

Contact information:

Houston, TX