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Scovolo, Stefani







Only One You Music

Years in the record business



Recording Artist, Songwriter

Job Description

I am a Recording Artist and Songwriter working on a new album. I have written for a couple of other artists…Warner Japan and then had and have a few releases on dance labels. I am focusing on my own solo career right now and produced, funded my own album which is almost ready! I will be setting up meetings very soon to find a team. Check out my website for more info

Career Achievements

I have lived in Nashville and New York City and now live here in LA. I had 3 songs on an album with an artist signed to Warner Music and some releases in dance music. I go to Nashville on songwriting trips and am definitely always reaching out to the community in LA. I have my own songwriter round here in LA where I involve hit songwriters and some of the best artists, writers in LA on an evening at WItzend in Venice. The round is usually 5 of us and we take turns playing songs acoustically so the focus is always on the voice and the song. I believe that what grabs the listener most is a voice and a great song. To me , a compelling, passionate melody is very important.

Professional Goals

To touch the world with my music and most of all to touch their souls. I will be setting up meetings with labels and companies to check out the options on releasing my album and forming a team. I will also send my new album to music supervisors and other contacts I have in the industry. I am very excited about my new album!


Hope is never lost. There is always a chance for a new beginning.

Contact info:

Telephone : 646-379-6405

Address : P.O. Box 9103, Marina del Rey California 90295

Email:  onlyoneyoumusic AT gmail DOT com