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Top Music Managers Talk Artist Development

L-R: Hubbub! Music's Todd Elmore,NARIP / Favorite Son Artist Management's Sean McPherson, Schweinbeck LLC's Diana Schweinbeck, NARIP Board Member / moreopemusic's Daniel Day Zuko at NARIP's panel
L-R: Hubbub! Music’s Todd Elmore,NARIP / Favorite Son Artist Management’s Sean McPherson, Schweinbeck LLC’s Diana Schweinbeck, NARIP Board Member / moreopemusic’s Daniel Day Zuko at NARIP’s panel


Top music managers shared their tips and strategies to create and sustain long-term artist careers at NARIP’s recent program on the topic. Hubbub! Music founder Tod Elmore and Schweinbeck LLC‘s Diana Schweinbeck packed the venue and kept participants engaged with practical information to apply to – and amplify – nascent careers.

Here are a few nuggets from the discussion:

Before releasing music, says Elmore:

  1. Set a future release date and work backward to create a marketing plan.
  2. Register your music with all necessary organizations.
  3. Claim your profile on DSPs where available.
  4. Create teaser assets to be used during your marketing campaign.
  5. Update all web presences to reflect your upcoming release.
  6. Develop a marketing plan with targets, both industry and consumers.
  7. Focus your efforts on one platform to start and grow from there.
  8. Recycle content across your different platforms.

Diana’s tips for young artist manager’s include these:

  1. Get your own lawyer – get contract done and out of the way.
  2. Attend as many networking/industry events as possible.
  3. Build the right team around your artist or be sure it’s in place; make it a family.
  4. Always do good business and know that your actions reflect on your artist.
  5. There is no correct way to succeed in this industry, you don’t have to follow the same steps others took; always be creative.

Artist case studies were examined and discussed, including what time-tested principals can be applied to many different genres of artists.

Thank you again to our speakers for an excellent evening packed with valuable info!  More details and audio available, email