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Toulon, Dom

Dom Toulon




CAPP Records Inc.

Job Description:

Toulon manages one of the leading EDM record labels in the US which specializes in importing & exporting commercial electro house, hands-up techno, jumpstyle, hardstyle & trance.

The label CAPP Records, based in the San Francisco Bay Area was founded in 1995; and remains one of the prominent Top-5 US dance labels releasing commercial dance hits and compilations.

Licensing, production and releasing quality top selling dance compilations.

Years in the record business:


Career Achievements:

Leading the industry with innovative and worldwide music distribution, reflecting the radical changes in music distribution brought about with the digital age – with conventional retail CD products, legal digital downloads through dozens of online stores, and now moving distribution even into the virtual realm.

In September 2007, the label opened the first-of-its-kind digital music distribution store in Second Life, an expanding online 3D virtual world. The CAPP Records Virtual Store enables customers to sample CAPP releases inside the virtual world, make music purchases using game currency, then download the music purchased through a conventional web browser for use outside of Second Life.

In early 2008, CAPP Record’s compilation entitled “50 Techno Electro Tunes, Vol. 1” surfaced on the iTunes Top 100 Dance chart. Only to find it within months, peaking at the #1 position and holding in the top 20 for over 1 year!!

June 2009, CAPP Company, parent of dance record label CAPP Records formally launched two new Internet-based radio stations, and, coinciding with their inclusion in the Apple iTunes Radio listings, included with every copy of the iTunes software.

Contact information:

Dom Toulon


San Rafael, Ca 94915