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Violet Brown

Violet Brown is VP of Artist & Label Development at Strange Music. Previously an artist manager at Regime Entertainment, Violet Brown is best known throughout the music industry as the Director of Urban Music for two of America’s largest and best-known entertainment retailers. She was the mind behind the purchasing and marketing of Urban Music at Wherehouse Music & F.Y.E. stores. During her time at these chains she was instrumental and known for high profile events and promotions that led to breaking many new acts. Her music knowledge stretches far beyond her best known genre and she has the rare talent of picking hits and talent within many genres of music. Violet has been successful in other areas of the business with executive production on top selling gold and platinum releases, documentaries, artist management, concert and festival production and as a club DJ. Violet has received several high profile awards and accolades within the music industry. She was the first and only Retail Buyer to be presented with the Source Magazine’s prestigious “SOURCE POWER 30” award for 5 consecutive years and the Living Legend Award from the Living Legend Foundation, alongside some of the biggest names in music. After more than 30 years of picking hits that “broke” in her stores, picking singles for labels, spinning records at clubs, shopping projects to labels and holding A&R consultant positions at Hollywood Records, Priority and Interscope Records, Violet has moved into an artist and label development position with Strange Music where she helps identify new talent and guide the careers of acts like Tech N9ne, Rittz and others.