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Trudi Rivers

Membership Manager

Trudi Rivers was born and raised in Canada. She grew up in a family who shared passion for music of all types. Living just outside of Toronto she attended many Broadway shows which developed her musical tastes, particularly in voice. At a young age, Trudi participated in choirs and started professional voice lessons. When an injury ended her professional voice aspirations, Trudi decided to supplement her Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts by attending Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. There she learned about the recording process and all business aspects of the music industry. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Music Business, Trudi packed her bags with her husband in 2011 and moved to LA where she began to network and fell in love with the opportunities NARIP offers to music industry professionals. She was brought on to Team NARIP as Membership Manager. Her bubbly personality and belief in the importance of customer service helps Trudi make members feel welcome.  She continues to keep her finger on the pulse of the music industry, and looks forward to making your acquaintance!