Industry Events

SheTek Conference NYC 2017

May 6, 2017
  • Type: professional and creative women in music, tv, film and tech
  • Category Genre: women in music, tv, film and technology
  • Venue Name: St. Francis College
  • Contact:,
  • Venue Address: 180 Remsen Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

SheTek Conference NYC 2017 will be an exciting event for professional and creative women. Join us for a full day of conversations as we discuss topics on music, tv, film, and technology and examine the latest trends in the entertainment industry.

SheTek Conference promotes the interactions of women doing business and explores the careers and talents of women in music, tv, film, and technology. Several dynamic female panelists will discuss the latest trends in their particular career fields and engage the audience in Q&A discussions. Panelists are exclusive to women, as a way to empower and push forward our relevant roles in entertainment