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Career Portal

Career Portal

Code Title Post Date
20170915-1211 manger Sep 15, 2017
20170828-1210 Royalty Analyst Aug 28, 2017
20170827-1209 Manager(Arizona) Aug 27, 2017
20170708-1208 Royalty Analyst - NYC, NY Jul 8, 2017
20170708-1207 Royalty Analyst - El Segundo, CA Jul 8, 2017
20170130-1206 Community Manager Jan 30, 2017
20160829-1205 Administrative Assistant Aug 29, 2016
20160819-1204 Full Charge Bookkeeper - LA Aug 19, 2016
20160819-1203 Business Management Associate Aug 19, 2016
20160801-1202 Director of Marketing, Sales, and Licensing Aug 1, 2016
20160523-1200 Adminstration Admin/Clerical Support Intern May 23, 2016
20160321-1199 Marketing Coordinator Mar 21, 2016
20160222-1196 Royalty Analyst Feb 22, 2016
20160210-1195 Business and Legal Assistant Feb 10, 2016
20160118-1190 Assistant Jan 18, 2016
20160118-1188 Admin Assistant, Marketing Jan 18, 2016
20160118-1187 Full Time Office Assistant Jan 18, 2016
20160118-1186 Executive Assistant to the General Counsel and VP of Human Resources Jan 18, 2016
20160116-1185 Management Assistant Jan 16, 2016
20150709-1182 Creative Manager - Film/TV Jul 9, 2015
20150702-1181 ROYALTY AUDIT SENIOR Jul 2, 2015
20150701-1180 Publicity Assistant Jul 1, 2015
20150629-1179 Business Analyst Jun 29, 2015
20150629-1178 Creative Synch Licensing (LA) Jun 29, 2015
20150515-1176 Royalty Accountant (NY) May 15, 2015
20150515-1175 Film & TV Pitching/Catalogue Maintenance (LA) May 15, 2015
20150515-1174 YouTube Network Manager (LA) May 15, 2015
20150515-1173 Copyright Manager, Music Publisher (Culver City, CA) May 15, 2015
20150205-1170 Music Licensing/A&R Coordinator (LA) Feb 5, 2015
20150110-1169 Part-Time Synch Coordinator/Manager, Administration (CA) Jan 10, 2015

Note 1: *Must Be a Member to apply*
Note 2: *This Job Bank contains external company listings from trusted and verified sources*

To apply for any of the jobs listed, please email: with the job code(s) for the position(s) in which you are interested. Only Members will receive contact information if qualified for the position(s) for which they apply. Contact us if you have any questions about NARIP Membership.

The job code is shown in the first column of the respective listing. Jobs are listed here in reverse chronological order with the most current at the top of the list. Of course, if you have any questions, please ask. Our goal is to help you advance your career! Thank you for your cooperation.

All jobs located in greater Los Angeles area unless otherwise specified.

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Stan Monteiro Mentor Program

Thank you for your interest in the Stan Monteiro Mentor Program, named after brilliant executive Stan

The Program pairs rising young professionals with more seasoned professionals in the area of their
choice. Mr. Monteiro was immensely generous with his time and expertise, helping to guide countless
individuals, including NARIP’s Tess Taylor. With this program, NARIP wishes to pay tribute to this
great man and encourage mentor-protege relationships that enable knowledge (much of which can be
gained only through experience) to be passed on from one generation to the next. Please read more
about Mr. Monteiro click here..

Here’s how the Program works:

  1. This service is only available to current NARIP members, and we charge a $35 application
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  2. Please click here and complete the questionnaire to assist in the screening process. Your
    responses to these questions will be submitted to our mentors, who will use your responses to
    decide with whom they wish to work. We work to match your interests with the expertise of our