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Who We Are

The National Association of Record Industry Professional ( markets and monetizes music. Formed in 1998, NARIP brings together the brightest minds and leading innovators in the global record and music industries.

NARIP promotes the cultural and economic benefits of music and copyright in the US and abroad, and
provides a platform to convey insights and perspectives to improve our business.

NARIP’s Mission

Our mission is to create access for YOU to the top executives and experts in the music and record industries (see partial list below) to help market and monetize music.  Many guest experts are NARIP members.

To access the top experts in the field NARIP organizes Music Supervisor Pitch Sessions (helping many members
successfully market their music catalogs with over 1,000 placements to date), A&R Pitch Sessions, Synch Agent Pitch Sessions, panel discussions, workshops, Webinars, symposia, private dinners, seminars, cocktail mixers and networking brunches.

Tess Taylor, President

Tess Taylor, President

Tess Taylor is president of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (, est. 1998) which promotes career advancement, education and good will in the record industry and related music fields.

One of the nation's leading authorities on careers in the music and record industries, Ms. Taylor has connected countless people to


Officers and Staff
Pamela Logan
Dave Lee

Officers and Staff

Barbara Capps, Senior Director

Linette Bond, Director

Officers and Staff

Tamra Engle, Executive Director

Michael Brandvold, Board Member

Megan Brennan, Board Member

Rob Young, Marketing Coordinator

Dubbs Beck, Executive Director
Ami Blackwell, Board Member
PJ Douglas Sands, Board Member
Anita Long, Music in Film & TV Section
Heidi Massin, Board Member
Christina Pettus, Esq., Board Member

Officers and Board Members Sean Mcpherson, Co-Executive Director Juliett Rowe, Co-Executive Director Daniel Day Zuko, Board Member Erinn Knight, Board Member Ken Green, Board Member Bobbie Beasley, Esq., Advisory Board Cappriccieo M. Scates, Advisory Board Malana Jade, Advisory Board Chloe Peacock, Advisory Board Julie Kessler Roach, Esq., Advisory Board

A Few Things You Should Know About NARIP


  • NARIP reaches over 100,000 people worldwide, we’ve been building a loyal network since 1998.
  •  People trust NARIP. We’ve worked hard to earn this trust and have developed a reputation as a no-nonsense, useful organization which helps its members and the wider record and music industry communities. Since inception in 1998, NARIP has connected countless people to jobs and opportunities, cultivated many collaborations, and helped launch hundreds of projects and several companies.
  • We handpick sponsors, which means fewer ads for users to see and navigate through. We limit ads in rotation, which yields a more pleasant experience for our readership and higher visibility for your advertisement.
  • Our responsive, opt-in subscribers and visitors are focused on—and work in—the record and music industries.
  • Our sites ( and and bulletins enjoy a tight-knit but growing and active readership. This strengthens our relationship with our users. Our users trust us and value NARIP content and our handpicked sponsors.
  • Most new members and subscribers hear about us through word-of-mouth.
  • Get your message directly to this hard-to-reach audience today!


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