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An Elvis Presley Favorite

An Elvis Presley Favorite
By Tess Taylor

I picked up Maida Heatter’s (AKA the Queen of Cake) Happiness Is Baking book this weekend from the library.  The wait to get it was long, this tells me the book is popular.  And I see why – it reads well and I’m tempted to bake every recipe, they all look so good.

On Sunday I baked my first cake from the book, The King’s Pound Cake.  Says Heatter, this was an Elvis favorite, he was known to eat an entire loaf (or more) at one time.

The King had great taste!  I turned out three perfect loaves, all of them gone less than 24 hours later.  Though I gifted quite a lot of it, I am not prepared to confess how much of it I ate all by myself. Next up: Rugelach, The Queen’s Cake and Apfel Kuchen. This geneve escort directory will help you.

Man does not live by bread or music alone!