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Dustin Boyer’s Top 5 Artist Management Tips

management-ATL-437x250Photo above (L-R, seated): Artist managers Dustin Boyer and Kenneth Green, NARIP Board Member Sean Mcpherson.  Back row: NARIP Atlanta Executive Director Chloe Peacock and NARIP Board Member Julie K. Roach, Esq.

Here are tips for those seeking careers in artist management from manager Dustin Boyer, a guest at NARIP’s recent program on the topic in Atlanta, GA.

  1. Find a mentor. This is the most important part of dropping into the music industry as a new manager who is managing new artists. Someone to help guide you and bounce ideas off of is crucial. Not to mention they can help elevate your status as a manager much more quickly and force people to take you seriously.

  1. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. It will be tempting to do the bare minimum when finding opportunities for your bands. Sending emails is fine sometimes but you need to pick up the phone and make a real connection with someone.
  1. Go out all the time.  Going to shows, being at bars, and meeting people will do wonders for your career. Sometimes it’s easy to stay home but being in people’s faces makes a huge impression and shows people you care.

  1. Don’t work for a band that doesn’t work harder than you. A lot of bands think that once they have a manager that the work is done and they can rely on you. This is a bad notion. The idea of a manager is to add a team member who will increase the productivity of the band. You’re not there simply to do all their work for them.
  1. Ask “…and then what?” A lot of artists will come to you motivated with ideas that seemingly don’t serve any purpose. A good question to always ask the artist and yourself is “…and then what?” This puts into focus the end game of any effort and should answer the question, “what will this accomplish?”.


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Working in the music industry since he was 15 years old. Starting out as a talent buyer and musician. Boyer has worked all facets of the music industry. Equipped with above-average social skills, a stellar taste in music, unmatched burrito-eating ability, and a strange proclivity towards T-shirts with furry animals on them.

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