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How To Get Music Into Video Games

We enjoyed a fast-paced program on music in games two weeks ago in San Francisco. The high-quality information flowed like water as Sony PlayStation execs Chuck Doud and Matt Levine sparred with Eckhardt Consulting’s Randy Eckhardt on the politics, pricing and priorities of music placement in the high-stakes billion-dollar gaming industry. Attendees were treated to a rare view of what goes on inside a major company like Sony to get a game developed, off the ground and to market, and how the music component fits into the grand scheme of things. Ultimately, this information is vital to make the right pitch to the appropriate person at the right time.

Photo: (L-R) NARIP San Francisco Director N8Beats, Sony Computer Entertainment America Music Supervisor Matt Levine, NARIP San Francisco Marketing Manager Rob Walker, Eckhardt Consulting Founder & CEO Randy Eckhardt, NARIP San Francisco Executive Director Tamra Engle, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios America Director of Music Chuck Doud and NARIP President Tess Taylor.

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