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Major, LeRena

LeRena Major



Professional Goals:

I am a rock & roll historian who has been enthusiastically studying, loving, researching, and sharing the history of popular music and its industry for more than three decades, the last 6 years of which I have been doing so as the Rockhistorygal. I will be a driving, creative force in our ever-changing business of music and help to develop new and creative revenue models that are artist-friendly, some of still which still incorporate a refreshed label model.

Multi-year tenures in small-market radio and entertainment retail (when there still was such a thing!) have greatly complemented my historical research.

In addition to my knowledge of music business and the history of popular music, my technical and creative proficiency as a database modeler enable me to work with less tech-savvy users and programmers to build database systems that improve the bottom line of every company where I’ve worked.

My strong knowledge of operations allows me to consistently support day-to-day activities in any endeavor in which I’m involved.

I was even able to do what I lovingly call “pulling a Pat Benatar” by keeping my married name after a divorce since it’s so much more rock & roll than my maiden name. Sometimes it’s funny how life works in such cool ways. (Just for the record, her maiden name is Andrzejewski; in good humor, I’m sure both her parents and mine accepted our creative moves a long time ago.)


All hail the power of music!

Contact information:

LeRena Major


North Hollywood, CA