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Alston, Sydney

1. Name:

Sydney Alston

2. Title:

Product Specialist / Artist Manager / Engineer / Producer / Musician

3. Company:

Disc Makers

4. Job Description:

For Disc Makers I sell CD’s and DVD’s. I also do marketing, seminars, and create strategic relationships for the purpose of building a referral network and marketing partners. I’m also Personal Manager for Artist and Producers.

5. Years in the record business:

29 yrs in the music business

6. Career Achievements:

professional full time musician for 20 yrs before getting a day job. 2 major label record deals and over 30 major label showcases that I set up for myself and artist I work with.

7. Professional Goals:

I want to be on the cutting edge of the new music business by creating new and unique opportunities for the artist I manage and work with.

8. Motto:

No chumps! If you want to be the best you have to work with the best.

Contact information:

Address: Disc Makers 4425 W. Riverside Drive Suite 204 Burbank CA 91505

Web site:

E-mail: salston AT discmakers DOT com