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Shafton, Brian

Name: Brian Shafton

Title: Partner

Company: RBC Records

Job Description: Oversee the daily business operations of our wholly owned label, RBC Records, as well as our Label Services division. This includes but is not limited to: finding talent (A&R); negotiating deals; securing financing; setting up distribution; outsourcing marketing services such as radio promotion, video promotion, publicity, etc…; marketing an album for both physical and digital release; selling the title to the account base (i.e. Best Buy, Transworld, Circuit City, etc..); dealing with attorneys and managers.

Years in the record business: 17

Career Achievements: I was one of the youngest VP’s of sales at a major record label (I was 29 years old and VP of Sales & Distribution at Priority Records while doing $300 million of business per year); I was the only sales representative to win Wherehouse’s sales rep of the year multiple times; co-founded RBC Records; my company was in the most recent Source Power 30 which identifies the 30 most influential hip hop people/entities; I have been a part of more than 50 records going gold or platinum (Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Master P, Geto Boyz, Jay-Z, Westside Connection, Mos Def, Nelly, NWA, Ice T, DJ Quik, E-40, 8 Ball & MJG Ice Cube, Scarface, just to name a few); I have been a part of more than 12 # 1 albums on the Top 200; we have had multiple # 1 independent records.

Professional Goals: Increasing profitability of our company year in and year out despite the economic downturn and attrition of the music business.

Motto: Doing fair business leads to more business.

Contact information:

Address: 150 East Olive Ave., Suite # 114, Burbank, CA 915022
E-mail: brianshafton AT rbc-records DOT com