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Mitchell, Tim

Vice President of Marketing, IODA Alliance

Tim Mitchell started at IODA (Independent Online Distribution Alliance) when the company was only 9 strong and has performed more than one dual-executive role as the VP of Business and Product Development and VP of Marketing and Business Development. As VP of Marketing, Tim now leads the company’s focused effort on the next big challenge in the digital media space.

In 1996, Tim started his Internet career at Wired Magazine and soon moved to Hotwired, the first commercial media Web site. In 1998 he founded grassroots Web-casting site to showcase local San Francisco artists using the then-new power of streaming media before “streaming media” was even a buzzword. He held product management roles at Lycos Music, while also hosting the Wired News online radio show “Music Spin” and acting as a member of the Board of the Popular Noise Foundation, a San Francisco based non-profit whose goal was to promote local independent musicians. Later, he held a strategic product development role as Terra/Lycos in their Global Product Development group where he worked heavily in streaming media and media player software.

Recently Tim re-launched at CNET Networks as the site Director in May 2004. There, he was responsible for managing, its business strategy and technologies. He played a key role in the re-launch, providing a new brand, focus, strategy and directive.

Tim is well-versed on the important issues of the day with 9 year’s experience in the digital music space and has a long list of speaking engagements and quotes in the press. Speaking engagements include: Jupiter, Music 2.0, iHollywood, Mobile Content World, East Coast Music Awards, CMJ, London Calling, Bandwidth, Billboard Mecca, TapeOp, Podcast Hotel and others.

Day job aside, Tim spends many of his off-hours writing, recording and performing music.