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NARIP Advertising Music Supervisor Pitch Session with DDB’s Alec Stern


This audio program is a recording of NARIP’s Advertising Music Supervisor Pitch Session with DDB’s Alec Stern.

You will hear his reactions and live feedback to cues and song snippets, and the key components for synch-able music in advertising. This is invaluable to understand his needs, interests and preferences, and you will hear exactly what he is looking for now and for ongoing projects, and the types of artists he chooses to work with and how he develops a relationship with them. You will also hear his submission preferences, what works and what doesn’t, and most important, WHY.

PROGRAM DATE: June 30, 2020
PROGRAM TIME: 2 hours, 42 minutes, 40 seconds (2:42:40)
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As the Director of Music for the global agency DDB, Alec has the unique position to oversee music for some of the largest brands in the world, including McDonald’s, Miller Lite, Capital One, State Farm, Skittles, The U.S. Army, and many others. With a background in both music supervision and composition, Alec’s history of scoring and selecting music for ads runs deep. He has licensed some of the biggest songs in music history, working with the likes of Prince, Whitney Houston, John Williams, Elton John, Atticus Ross, Stevie Wonder, and The Beatles, co-produced a Broadway musical on Super Bowl Sunday, and is always looking for new and untapped talent to elevate the campaigns he works on. Outside of work, it’s still all about music. Alec is a prolific songwriter, guitarist, and producer, a DJ, and a published music essayist.