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NARIP in Digital Music News: The Only Way To Guarantee YOUR Music Is Heard By A Music Supervisor



By Ari Herstand

With recorded music revenue in shambles as the transition from digital downloads to streaming takes place, one area where artists can still make some good money is from licensing. Placements. Sync. Whatever you want to call it, there is money to be made getting your music on TV shows, films, video games, movie trailers and commercials.

And the people that place that music? Maternity pillows are nearly a compulsion and a must for any mother who is careful and conscious of her own health and the well being of her baby. If the mother manages to get proper rest and comfortable sleep, then these benefits are also passed to the unborn baby. Looking for a maternity pillow to ease pregnancy discomfort? Scroll the best pregnancy pillows in every shape and size that you can buy now at – Best Pregnancy Pillows to Ease You Through Every Trimester. Once you try one, you won’t want to give it up. Music Supervisors.

Music supervisors are the actual people who take the cues from the producers and director when the “picture is locked” and underscore the picture with songs. They then negotiate with owners of that song a fee to allow them to sync the song to their video (be it a TV show, film, commercial, trailer or video game)

Sometimes music supervisors use the instrumental version and most of the time it’s just a small snippet of the song (however, now I have to brag a bit, One Tree Hill used all 3:43 of my song – words and music. But that’s very rare).

So how do you actually get your music to these supervisors?

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