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Insiders Reveal Proven Techniques For Music Branding Success

At NARIP’s Brands, Bands & Beyond Expo
Nov 10 in L.A.

What do top-selling recording artists Feist, Goldfrapp, Lenny Kravitz, Prince and Rihanna have in common? They have all enjoyed recent associations with brands that increased exposure to their music.

Teaming up with Apple, Target, Absolut, Verizon and Cover Girl, respectively, these artists have embraced the once taboo practice of getting in bed with a brand. Art and commerce have always been strange bedfellows, but today brands have become financiers and sometimes even partners in the vital (and expensive) artist development process.

Matching music with brands is one of the hottest and fastest growing areas of the business today. And while opportunities for profit and innovation increase exponentially, deals are becoming more complex.

That’s why NARIP has assembled some of the music, brand and advertising world’s top executives and deal architects to discuss how to pair music and artists with brands. On November 10 in Los Angeles, experts will guide attendees through the opportunities available and the complex rights area. They will provide insight into how to use brand association for new and established acts, how to create win-win deals and give a glimpse into what the future of music-in-advertising may hold.

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