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Testimonials: What Attendees Say About NARIP Music Supervisor Sessions

Here is what attendees say about NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions (with film / TV and ad agency music supervisors held in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Berlin:


“Great session with Lloyd Winston [of Corbis Entertainment / Greenlight, head of Music Services Group] last night- he LOVED my stuff and gave me his card- He’s in advertising and honestly that’s my wheelhouse- my catalog is soooo ad friendly…” – Gail Vareilles, President, Sandshifter Music Inc, One stop Perfect Pop/Music Licensing (Attended Lloyd Winston session in NY and many others)

“Getting personal and immediate feedback… was very valuable.” – Cathi Gibson, Rough Trade (attended Chris Mollere session in London)

“Straight talking honesty, love it! Very rare in this industry, the whole event from start to finish was faultless, best event I have been to by far.” – Guy Stanway, ZY Records (attended Chris Mollere and Andrea von Foerster sessions in London)

“Most valuable: honest opinions and face time with the supervisors. The overall quality of the event and the people involved was great – friendly, interesting, informative – and most of all very useful. A lot of these seminars promise a lot and deliver very little – these DO deliver. And after being in the industry 15 years, I feel like I actually learnt something!! Great!!!” – Julie Weir, Visible Noise (attended Chris Mollere and Andrea von Foerster sessions in London)

“I had a great time last week and learned a lot. It was a real inspiration … I already feel indebted to you for such a fantastic week, it was very exciting to meet you and the team.” – Sarah Llewelyn, (attended Andrea von Foerster session in London)

“I’ve had 3 managers and 5 years of plugging away on the Internet for contacts and had more success getting material in front of a music supervisor with NARIP’s sessions than anything previously! Please keep it up, I will definitely attend more!” – Shay Dillon, Independent (attended Gary Calamar’s session in LA)

“I applaud NARIP in establishing these sessions!” – Richard Khuzami, Dahdoo Productions (attended Jessica Dierauer session in New York)

“Such an amazing night … I have been to many such events but have never felt this kind of intimacy and accessibility, and came away feeling like I really made a super connection in the industry. At Jessica [Dierauer’s] session I gave her a CD of 30 and 60 second clips. Her assistant emailed me yesterday (before I even followed up!) to say that they can use some of my tracks and needed some metadata (another lesson I learned at NARIP’s session about imprinting metadata onto all tracks!). So I am thrilled to have made such a great contact in the ad biz because of NARIP. So how can I not attend all your amazing sessions knowing I will make such high level contacts that would have been very difficult for me to have made on my own? I can’t wait for the next session!” and feedback following Ryan Fitch’s session: “Last night’s session with Ryan Fitch was wonderful! Ryan is a straight shooter with class and sensitivity and I got a lot out of the session in terms of what he is looking for. I have made incredible contacts in the advertising business because of NARIP and there is no other music networking group that comes close to what NARIP offers, I’m a fan!” Gail Vareilles, Sandshifter Music (attended 5 sessions in New York with Jessica Dierauer, Paul Greco, Mike Boris, Josh Rabinowitz and Ryan Fitch)

“Please keep me informed of the next NARIP sessions in London and LA. Once again, many thanks for the opportunity to pitch.” – Reza Davoudi, Nineteen95 Artist Management (attended Andrea von Foerster’s and Gary Calamar’s sessions in Berlin, and Andrea con Foerster’s and Chris Mollere’s sessions in London)

“Was lots of fun and learned a ton of new things. Both Jessica and Ed were great. Also, the anecdotes (e.g. Serge Gainsbourg’s daughter rejecting AXE) are priceless. Thanks again for coordinating these wonderful sessions. I will highly recommend to others.” – David Liang, Shanghai Restoration Project (attended Jessica Dierauer session in New York and John Houlihan session in Los Angeles)

“NARIP is incredibly focused and these sessions dissolve the barrier between me and the supervisors.” – Peter Kimmel, Song Plugger (attended Andrea von Foerster, Gary Calamar, P.J. Bloom, Julianne Jordan, John Houlihan and Chris Mollere sessions in Los Angeles)

“Thank you very much for the very interesting pitching session with Andrea at the Popkomm. I would be very keen to take part [in NARIP’s London Supervisor Sessions].” – Christoph Becker, Moanin’ Records (attended Andrea von Foerster’s session in Berlin)

“[NARIP’s Music Supervisor series] is a very effective and beneficial program to get contact with the local and national supervisors who run the film and TV industry.” – Robert Case, President, New Pants Publishing (attended Carolyn Richardson, Gary Calamar and Julianne Jordan and sessions in Los Angeles)

“Great event with PJ Bloom! Definitely an uncommon opportunity.” and feedback to the Todd Porter San Francisco session: “What a super event last night! Thanks for providing such a unique and excellent opportunity. Where else could I sit down with a top-notch professional like Todd Porter and get immediate feedback on my work? He was very candid and informative, willing to illustrate the ins and outs of the ad business with brilliant clarity. And the chance that he might be able to utilize my music? Invaluable! I’ll be back!” – Joel Evans, Cinemasters (attended PJ Bloom and Todd Porter sessions in San Francisco, and Jessica Dierauer session in New York)

“Thank you once again for a fantastic series of supervisor sessions. Looking forward to many more sessions and events with NARIP… Thank you all for your professionalism, earnestness and care in providing the very best for us. We SO appreciate everything you do. [NARIP provides] incredible value.” – Ben Bidlack, Bees & Honey Music (attended all seven sessions in Los Angeles and PJ Bloom session in San Francisco

“It was really great. Will attend the [sessions] in October. Jessica was really lovely and everyone was so talented.” – Sarah Nagourney, Glassbeat Music (attended Jessica Dierauer session in New York)

Very, very informative and helpful. These are fun and the supervisors have been extremely willing to share very useful info. – Catharine Wood, Planetwood Productions (attended Andrea von Foerster, Julianne Jordan and John Houlihan sessions in Los Angeles)

“Thank you and the NARIP staff for the supervisor session with Jessica… This was a ‘crash course’ in what an advertising music supervisor needs versus a music cues written for TV shows (which is what I was familiar with)…. I already signed up for the next session on the 27th.” – Classical arranger / composer / producer Sor Harris (attended Jessica Dierauer session in New York)

“I found the session extremely interesting/helpful, and I look forward to attending the rest of the series.” – Jacob Weinrib, Parma Licensing (attended Jessica Dierauer session in New York)

“Ryan was an awesome guest who genuinely appreciated the music we had to offer and gave us spot-on, thoughtful comments with which to build upon. I can see why he was voted a top music supervisor in last year’s NARIP poll! We all went out with Ed [Razzano – program moderator] afterwards (including Ryan) to cap off a great 6-session series [in New York]. I know I speak for all of us, especially the ones like me who attended all of the sessions, when I say that we’re sad that they are ending. – Annie Calder, Coral West Music (attended Chris Mollere’s session in Los Angeles, and 6-part series in New York including sessions with Jessica Dierauer, Jane Scofield, Paul Greco, Mike Boris, Josh Rabinowitz and Ryan Fitch)

“I really enjoyed the event and definitely see the value in the intimacy of it. I’m on board for more as well as doing some LA stuff and London… thanks again for putting together such effective events.” – Freddy Charles, Freddy Charles Music (attended 6-part series in New York including sessions with Jessica Dierauer, Jane Scofield, Paul Greco, Mike Boris, Josh Rabinowitz and Ryan Fitch)

“Thank you again for providing one of the more professional and useful events that I have ever attended. It was intimate, precise and well-executed. The feedback was immediate and valuable.” – Eric Caver, PTEC Dojo (attended Andrea von Foerster session in Los Angeles)

“Another successful and extremely well-organized NARIP event, please keep them coming! … [it was] an amazing opportunity to pitch our music to Gary Calamar in such a personal and focused setting.” – Sven Spieker, Mighty Generation Music (attended Gary Calamar, Andrea von Foerster and Chris Mollere sessions in Los Angeles)

“What a wonderful job NARIP is doing in putting together these events that help professionals connect and share information. Kudos to NARIP and your wonderful team.” – Daniel Indart, Latin Music Specialists (attended Chris Mollere and Julianne Jordan sessions in Los Angeles)