How To Place Music In Hollywood Films, TV, Trailers – Phoenix

How To Place Music In Hollywood Films, TV, Trailers – Phoenix


Song placement remains one of the best ways for music to receive exposure and cut through clutter. Music placement has increased dramatically in importance with new media channels, and the competition is fierce just to get noticed.


In this NARIP program, you will hear from three experts their strategies and information sources to research current projects, identify the correct buyers or music supervisors, make meaningful contact and follow up. They will share best practices for reaching out to busy people that dramatically improve chances of success. They will also detail how to form professional relationships that benefit all parties and result in better business for everyone. Most importantly, they will discuss how to make and close these deals in ways that keep music buyers coming back for more.

  • Artist Managers, Producers & Artist Reps
  • Record & Music Publishing Executives
  • Producers, Performing Rights Organizations
  • Licensing & Film Professionals
  • Anyone seeking to create or enhance revenue from music licensing in film, television, trailers and promotional campaigns.

  • What music buyers really look for including music supervisors, ad agencies and gaming companies.
  • How to increase the impact and marketability of music
  • Before the pitch: research, info sources, identifying most appropriate recipient(s) of music
  • Make the pitch: how and when to make the best pitch, what to avoid
  • After the pitch: how, if and when to follow-up, what to say and send, timing
  • Make the placement: budgets, fee ranges, important deal points, types of uses, what to expect
  • After the placement: after-care, repeat business, do it again!
  • Insights from music supervisor Michael Davenport from Los Angeles on music selection for his projects.
  • Recommended reading

Don’t miss this insider’s peek at the music placement realities of the fastest-changing business in the world. Most importantly, this program gives you practical information you can apply immediately to make better pitches and land placements NOW.

  • Michael Davenport, Expressive Artists (from Los Angeles)
  • David Hilker, Fervor Records and Wild Whirled Music
  • Les Scott, Source Q Boutique, NARIP Phoenix Executive Director (panel moderator)

PROGRAM DATE: March 27, 2014
PROGRAM TIME: 1 hour, 49 minutes, 45 seconds (1:49:45)
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Michael Davenport, Expressive Artists

Michael started his career in the recording industry working with rock acts Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Eddie Money and Emerson, Lake & Palmer while managing record producer Keith Olsen’s (Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar Foreigner) Goodnight L.A. Studios. This eventually led to management of recording artists and world-class record producers. He has secured recording and publishing contracts for numerous artists and received more than 150 gold and platinum sales awards for his participation on albums by Santana, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Blue Man Group, David Bowie, Slipknot, AC/DC, Ricky Martin and the motion picture soundtracks for 8 Mile, American Pie, Armageddon, City of Angels, Spawn, The Scorpion King, I Am Sam, The Matrix Reloaded and South Park. His producer/engineer clients have received numerous Grammy awards and nominations. Michael recently added the title music supervisor to his career credits with the horror-thriller Banshee Chapter, the romantic-comedy Me You and Five Bucks, children’s action-comedy Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer, the award-winning documentary featuring James Hetfield,Absent, and the Broadway understudy examination, The Standbys. Current and upcoming projects include the buddy cop comedy, Five-O and Coast, featuring Academy Award nominee Bruce Dern.

David Hilker, Fervor Records & Wild Whirled Music

David Hilker is co-founder & CEO of Whirled Music Publishing, Inc. WMP brands include indie label Fervor Records and the Wild Whirled Music catalog. Fervor Records owns a vast selection of music spanning over 9 decades making the company a premier licensing destination for the film, television, retail and advertising industries. Their music is heard daily across all media platforms internationally. Fervor has successfully launched multiple artists with MTV and has videos in rotation in hundreds of retail outlets, restaurants, university and corporate campuses. Fervor artists also appear on a multitude of commercially released film and TV Soundtracks. Recent highlights include The Neighbors (ABC), Super Fun Night (ABC) Grimm (NBC), The Carrie Diaries (CW), Parenthood (NBC), The Tonight Show (NBC), Justified (FX) Mad Men (AMC), Trophy Wife (ABC) Arrow (CW), Walk Of Shame (independent), Drunk Wedding (Paramount Pictures), Grudge Match (Warner Bros. Pictures), Walking With Dinosaurs {(20th Century Fox) and music for brands such as Corona, BMW, Discover Card, Old Navy, Apple, Intel, Google and others.

Les Scott, Executive Director NARIP Phoenix Chapter, Source Q Boutique

Les Scott is a veteran of the music industry whose publishing company Source Q Boutique specializes in music placement in film and television, and currently represents over 300 writers/artists. SQB is exclusively marketed through its alliances with Crucial Music Group, Fuze Artz LLC. and Expressive Artists. Recent SQB placements include Red Widow (ABC), Castle (ABC), Breaking Bad (AMC), Southland (TNT), The Glades (A&E), The Nine Lives of Chloe King (ABC Family), Army Wives (Lifetime), Cold Case (cbs), Ugly Betty (ABC), Saving Grace (TNT), Prison Break (Fox), Friday Night Lights (NBC) and Californication (Showtime), to name a few. As a producer, he is commissioned to produce master recordings for such companies as Universal Music Group, Killer Tracks, FirstCom Music, One Music and Network Music. Les has produced over 200 artists and bands in all genres wherein his writings and productions appear daily throughout the film and television industries. He knows the current buyers of music and what type of music is in demand. With his hands-on practical knowledge of how music makes money, Mr. Scott understands the marketplace and can offer insight to writers and artists on what they need to know.


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