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Years in the record business:




Job Description:

Rayko is a Los Angeles based singer, composer, and a musician, with an extremely diverse musical back ground. Rayko’s musical training and background has included years in Opera, pops, in parallel with Metal. Rayko’s main instruments – Piano, guitar, some drums, currently taking a private electric violin lesson, 5 times per month.
Rayko can write and sing anywhere from ABBA to Zappa, Rayko’s current music library consists of Pop, Metal, R&B, standard Jazz, classical, and to J-Rock… 

Career Achievements:

Major record deal with RCA Victor Japan Independent Record deal with Centerline Entertainment Santa Monica, CA USA Song placements – various MTV shows, Micro Mini Kids (indie film), St. Andrew’s Girls (indie film), and quite a few other indie films… Currently fronts two rock bands – Dig Jelly (vocal, guitar, keys), Lolita Dark (vocal, guitar, electric violin)

Professional Goals:

To give my beloved mother the life she deserves for not giving up on me, with my success. I would love my songs to be picked up by major recording artists. I would love my songs to be placed on major films, TV shows, and musicals. I would love my songs to be the bridge for me to connect with people throughout the universe.


Live today as if it could be your last, without selling yourself to the devil.

Contact information:

iPhone: 714-272-1831

E-mail: digjelly AT digjelly DOT com

Web site: