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Review: Bands, Brands & Beyond Expo 2010

NARIP Bands, Brands & Beyond 2010 Testimonial from NARIP on Vimeo.

Front page: Pictured L-R (standing, back row): NARIP New York Board Member / Geodesic Management President Dan Strader, Fathom Communication Managing Director of Engagement & Entertainment Marketing Marcus Peterzell, Head of Music for Grey Worldwide Josh Rabinowitz. Front row (seated): NARIP’s Tess Taylor & Unbundled Creative Founder Cheryl R. Berman.

Pictured here: L-R: Blameshift’s Tim Barbour and Jenny Mann (author of this review), and engineer/producer Abhita Austin

Last week a long-time friend in the business, Peter Sotos, invited me and my band, Blameshift, to a NARIP conference. I had heard of NARIP before, but wasn’t too sure what they were all about. The conference – Bands, Brands & Beyond – seemed interesting and we decided to attend. Upon arriving, we had a chance to speak briefly with President Tess Taylor. I could immediately sense her connection to and genuine enthusiasm for this association and music in general. I could tell that the trek into New York City would be worth my while.

All the sessions were highly educational and inspiring, but I will give a brief recap of Session #2 calledView from the Top II: The Ad Agency Angle. The speakers were ad agency execs, Unbundled Creative Founder Cheryl R. Berman, Grey Worldwide Head of Music Josh Rabinowitz and Fathom Communications’ Managing Director of Engagement and Entertainment Marketing Marcus Peterzell. Up until that point, I had known that music and brands could work together to achieve a common goal, but I never fully understood how massive it could be. They spoke honestly and in great detail about the importance of bands linking up with brands not only to make money, but to gain more exposure. In times like these, where the music industry is experiencing such a great shift, bands must be savvy as to where they look to continue to bring in revenue. With physical record sales at an all-time low, licensing is becoming more and more relevant and important.

These top ad execs not only gave insight into the world of music and top brands, they also gave practical ideas and tactics on creating relationships with smaller scale brands. Marcus Peterzell brought up a very important point that really got me thinking. He suggested looking at what we, as artists, consume on a daily basis, i.e. shampoo, makeup, clothing, shoes, drinks, etc. He wanted us to make a list of these smaller brands and use them as a starting point. This point was one I hadn’t thought of before. So I began formulating a list in my head of smaller brands that I use every day that might be interested in joining forces. Peterzell suggested using our ever-growing social media platforms to give a smaller brand incentive to want to link up. In turn the brand might offer product, money or advertising.

My guitarist and I both really enjoyed all the speakers who took time out of their busy schedules to speak at the NARIP conference. They were all honest and highly educated in the field of music, licensing and branding. It opened up my eyes to the endless opportunities that we as musicians have to make money and grow our fan base through licensing and mutually beneficial partnerships. This conference has given me the knowledge, know-how and motivation to go out and connect with brands. I look forward to attending another NARIP conference soon.

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Jenny Mann
Blameshift (singer)