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SIGNED! Fifteen NARIP Members Get Synch Rep & Music Publishing Deals

Hewan, Joe McGowan, Mary Bee, Holy Wars
Clockwise from top left: Hewan, Joe McGowan, Mary Bee, Holy Wars


Fifteen Signings via NARIP Pitch Sessions Delight Artists & Writers

Fifteen NARIP Members SIGNED to synch rep and music publishing deals trom our Synch Agent Pitch Sessions.

Nadia Suen
#1 Nadia Suen SIGNED by Steven Scharf

“Thank you so much for connecting me with Steven Scharf and for being a voice of encouragement! NARIP is such a blessing for artisans looking for answers and open doors in this vast jungle called the entertainment industry,” Nadia Suen.
#2 Hewan SIGNED by Simon Horrocks

“NARIP Synch Agent Pitch Sessions are a wonderful way to gain access to key industry professionals” says Hewan.


#3 Joe McGowan SIGNED by Dan Koplowitz

“So thrilled and to be working with Dan Koplowitz of Friendly Fire Music Licensing…. to be able to work with a well-connected and successful synch agent is such a big step for me. I am so proud to be a NARIP member.  Joining was a profound and pivotal turning point in my career.” Joe McGowan


#4 Mary Bee SIGNED by Stan Banks

“At a recent NARIP Synch Agent Pitch Session, my music was heard by Stanley Banks from Wardlaw Music, a music publisher based in London, who then signed me to my first music publishing deal!  Aside from hard work, the two most important things that contribute to success are surrounding yourself with a network of driven and dedicated people, and learning as much as possible about your industry. If you look to enhance your career, then join NARIP now!” Mary Bee, #FindingHarmony Tour


#5 Holy Wars SIGNED by Danny Benair

#6 The Head SIGNED by Dan Koplowitz

#7 God-des SIGNED by Jerry Pilato

god-des signed to synch rep deal.

#8 Lonely Beast SIGNED by Dan Koplowitz

#9 Manny P SIGNED by Simon Horrocks

#10 Anthony Clint SIGNED by Simon Horrocks

#11 Jaquan Grant SIGNED by Simon Horrocks

#12 Jerry Reiter SIGNED by Stan Banks

#13 Plake SIGNED by Steven Scharf

#14 The Living Kills SIGNED by Steven Scharf

#15 Cassie Holt SIGNED by Stacee Coleman


More NARIP Members Current in Negotiations

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