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Marriage spell that work

Marriage spells


Spells for marriage

Before you cast any of the spells for marriage which I, spellcaster Maxim SPELLSHELP, will tell you about in this article, make sure your beloved and you aren’t allergic to cat or dog hair or saliva. To cast this spell, you’ll need a real kitten or puppy. So if any of you has any allergies, this spell must not be cast and you need to look for another effective marriage spell on my website.

Oh… No! Don’t worry! You won’t need to kill any animals. On the contrary, your job will be to love and take care of it. So, to cast this marriage spell and make your dream of getting married to the man of your dreams come true, you’ll need to get a pet, specifically a little kitten or puppy.

Before we continue, take this short quiz to make sure you’re able and allowed to cast marriage spells:

If you answered “yes” to all the questions, go ahead with the spell. I’m pretty sure it’ll work. If you have under 7 yes-answers, your marriage has up to a 35% chance of happening. If you have up to 5 positive answers, you need to hire a trained spell caster, such as me, spellcaster Maxim, and let me take care of your future.

Marriage spells that work

Remember that marriage spells work only when all the instructions are followed, so please carefully read what I’m about to say. While performing the ritual, check against the source document regularly, making sure you’re doing it right.

To begin with, find out if your significant other is a cat or a dog person. Then offer him to get a kitten or a puppy and ask about his favorite breed. If he likes rare and expensive breeds, it’s a red flag. Ask yourself if you really want to be with this person. As a rule, people who like rare and expensive dog and cat breeds tend to be arrogant and look down on other people. Perhaps, your loved one thinks he deserves someone better than you and he’s with you only because he feels sorry for you.

If your loved one’s favorite breed is easy to find and affordable or if he likes all breeds, you may congratulate yourself on having found someone who will always value and accept you with all your flaws and imperfections. If the target suggests adopting a pet, it’s a red flag too. I, spellcaster Maxim, suggest that you take a closer look at the person you want to marry. Unfortunately, many people who adopt pets from shelters are just pretending to be animal lovers because animal adoption is trendy. 

If that’s the case, your partner’s hypocrisy will show up throughout your relationship. Take a better look at him. Are you sure he loves you? Should you make sure he’s telling the truth when he says, “I love you” with the help of a trained tarot-reader? I, spellcaster Maxim, strongly suggest you do that. If he truly loves you and if he’s husband material, he’ll let you choose a pet to buy. If that’s what happened to you, consider yourself very lucky because you’re with someone you can count on, someone who won’t let you down and will always help you take care of your pet.

The marriage spell I want to tell you about isn’t the hardest to cast. There are many spells for marriage that are far more difficult and time-consuming. The hardest part of this spell is finding a kitten or a puppy whose owner is happily married. Here’s how you choose your pet:

Get a female kitten if your boyfriend has a high sex drive;

Get a male kitten if your loved one is a quiet and home-loving girl;

Get a male puppy if your significant other is a strong girl who likes to dominate;

Get a female puppy if your beloved is a home-loving man who you think will be a great husband and father for your children.

Marriage spells

The pet should still be bottle fed. This is a very important requirement for this kind of marriage spells that work. The pet should be under 33 days old. Bring it home and put it in a box.

Here’s how you make the box. Take two boxes, one bigger than the other. Glue your couple photos to the walls inside the bigger box, including the bottom. Then attach a piece of the bed sheet you spent your best night with your loved one on.

Carefully put the smaller box inside the bigger one. Protect the boxes with wide sticky tape. Now take your loved one’s and your favorite sweaters. Cut the sweaters in half. Stich two halves of the sweaters together and put it in the box. Then introduce the kitten or the puppy to its new home.

Hopefully, the pet likes the box and spends not less than 4 hours a day in it. Take good care of the pet and the box too (don’t let it get wet!) to use it as long as possible.

Feed your pet, walk it and play with it. As it grows up turning into a real magical animal, it’ll develop power maintaining attraction between you and ultimately helping you get married.

If it’s too long for you, contact me and you’ll get proposed to within a few weeks! I, spellcaster Maxim, have a wife experience in marriage spells. I’ve helped hundreds of couples get married and I’ll be happy to help you, too!

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